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President: Ruby Keane

Vice-President: Ash Weir

Junior Treasurer: Lewis Brierly

Senior Treasurer: Nick Allen

Spring Revue 2018: Judi's 40th

Tour Show 2018: Pillow Talk

Cast: Will Bicknell-Found, James Coward, Ash Weir, Christian Hines, Meg Coslett

Directors: Molly Stacey, Daniel Emery

Additional material: Comrie Savile-Ferguson



President: Dillon Mapletoft

Senior Treasurer: Nick Allen

Spring Revue 2017: Behind Closed Doors

Tour Show 2017: Dream Sequence

Cast: Ruby Keane, John Tothill, Sam Knights, Ania Magliano-Wright, Henry Wilkinson

Director: Ellie Warr

Additional material: Susannah Williams, Zak Ghazi-Torbati, Saskia Baylis, Lewis Brierly



President: Oliver Taylor

Senior Treasurer: Nick Allen

Spring Revue 2016: Chocolate Moose

Tour Show 2016: Lagoon

Cast: Sarah Creedy Smith, Guy Emanuel, Sam Grabiner, Jordan Mitchell, Rob Oldham

Director: Tom Fairbairn



President: Tom Fraser

Senior Treasurer: Nick Allen

Spring Revue 2015: A Whole Lot of Bother

Tour Show 2015: Love Handles

Cast: Luke Sumner, Olivia Le Andersen, Archie Henderson, Adrian Gray, Eleanor Colville

Directors: Hunter Allen, Ken Cheng



President: Ben Pope

Vice-President: Ryan Ammar

Membership Secretary: Simon Copley

Junior Treasurer: Leo Cairns

General Members: Matilda Wnek, Alex MacKeith

Senior Treasurer: Nick Allen

Spring Revue 2014: The History of Everything

Tour Show 2014: Real Feelings

Cast: Ryan Ammar, James Bloor, Tom Fraser, Alex MacKeith, Ben Pope

Directors: Simon Copley, Jamie Fraser



President: Harry Michell

Vice-President: Matty Bradley

Membership Secretary: Matilda Wnek

Social Secretary: Emma Sidi

Junior Webmaster: Alex MacKeith

Archivist: Jon Bailey

Junior Treasurer: Ben Gaastra

Senior Treasurer: Nick Allen

Spring Revue 2013: Dressing Down

Tour Show 2013: Canada

Cast: Matty Bradley, Matilda Wnek, Emma Sidi, Rosa Robson

Directors: Celine Lowenthal, Ryan O'Sullivan



President: Phil Wang

Vice-President: Pierre Novellie

Membership Secretary: Theodore Chester

Social Secretary: Lowell Belfield

Archivist: Jason Forbes

Alumni Cooordinator: Ali Lewis

Falconer: Ahir Shah

Smokers: Ryan O'Sullivan

Ambassador: Emma Sidi

Junior Treasurer: Ben Gaastra

Senior Treasurer: Nick Allen

Spring Revue 2012: Donors

Tour Show 2012: Perfect Strangers

Cast: Emma Powell, Jason Forbes, George Potts, Phil Wang, Pierre Novellie

Additional material: Ryan O'Sullivan

Directors: Abi Tedder, Jonny Lennard



President: Mark Fiddaman
Vice President: Dannish Babar
Membership Secretary: Alex Owen
Social Secretary: Ben Ashenden
Archivist and Falconer: Abi Tedder
Junior Webmaster: Phil Wang
General Member: Joe Bannister
Junior Treasurer: Ben Gaastra
Senior Webmaster: James Aylett
Senior Treasurer: Nick Allen

Spring Revue 2011: Odds

Tour Show 2011: Pretty Little Panic

Cast: Mark Fiddaman, Alex Owen, Ben Ashenden, Adam Lawrence

Directors: James Moran, Keith Akushie




President: Abi Tedder
Vice-President: Keith Akushie
Membership Secretary: Lucien Young
Social Secretary: Ellie Ross/Katy Bulmer
Archivist: James Moran
Junior Webmaster: Adam Hollingworth
Junior Treasurer: Ben Gaastra
Senior Webmaster: James Aylett
Senior Treasurer: Nick Allen

Spring Revue 2010: People Watching

Tour Show 2010: Good For You

Cast: Ben Ashenden, Alex Owen, James Moran, Lucien Young, Ellie Ross

Additional Material: Keith Akushie

Directors: Daran Johnson, Liam Williams




President: Alastair Roberts
Vice-President: Rory Mullarkey, Tom Evans
Membership Secretary: Daran Johnson
Social Secretary: Lucy Evans
Archivist & Junior Webmaster: Liam Williams
Member Without Portfolio: Tom Ovens Peter Riley
Junior Treasurer: Phil Norris
Senior Treasurer: Daniel Morgenstern

Spring Revue 2009: Derek

Tour Show 2009: Wishful Thinking

Cast: Daran Johnson, Liam Williams, Al Roberts, Keith Akushie, Abi Tedder, Tom Evans

Director: Rory Mullarkey




President: Sam Sword
Vice-President: Jack Gordon-Brown
General Members: Alex Clatworthy, Tom Evans, Rory Mullarkey, Tom Ovens, David Ralfe, Peter Riley, Alastair Roberts
Junior Treasurer: Phil Norris
Senior Treasurer: Daniel Morgenstern

Spring Revue 2008: Snippets

125th Anniversary Tour Show: Devils

Cast: Jack Gordon-Brown, Amy Hoggart, Daran Johnson, Pete Riley, Alastair Roberts

Directors: Ed Gamble, Tom Williams



President: Tom Sharpe
Vice-President: Luke Roberts, Tom Williams
Membership Secretary: Alastair Roberts
Junior Treasurer: Sarah Brocklehurst, John Linford
Archivist & Junior Webmaster: Tom Kingsley
Social Secretary: Helen Cripps
General Members: Henry Eliot, Jack Gordon-Brown, Laura Kell, Rory Mullarkey, Anna O'Grady, Sam Sword
Senior Treasurer: Daniel Morgenstern

Tour Show 2007: Wham Bam

Cast: Helen Cripps, Henry Elliot, Tom Sharpe, Sam Sword, Tom Williams

Director: Tom Kingsley



President: Simon Bird

Vice president: Jonny Sweet

Secretary: Joe Thomas

Membership Secretary: Tom Sharpe

Junior Treasurer: Hanna Osmolska

Publicity: Dan Mansell

Archivist & Junior Webmaster: Sam Kitchener

Social Secretary: Tiani Ghosh

Member Without Portfolio: Raph Shirley

Senior Treasurer: Daniel Morgenstern


Cast: Simon Bird, Helen Cripps, Tiani Ghosh, Sam Kitchener, Joe Thomas

Director: Dan Mansell



President: Raph Shirley
Vice-President: Sarah Solemani
Senior Treasurer: Dan Morgenstern
Secretary: Dec Munroe
Junior Treasurer: Hanna Osmolska
Member Without Portfolio: Ed Coleman, Matt Harvey, Cleme Wade

Under the Blue, Blue Moon

Cast: Max Bennett, Simon Bird, Nadia Kamil, Dan Mansell, Lisa Owens
Director: Guy Morgan
Assistant Director: Nick Mohammed



President: Ed Riches
Vice-President: Notza Reevers
Senior Treasurer: Dan Morgenstern
Senior Archivist (to December 2003): Dr Harry Porter
Secretary: James Bench-Capon
Junior Treasurer: Martin Ball
Members Without Portfolio: Dec Munroe, Sarah Solemani, Raph Shirley, Ed Coleman, Matt Harvey, Cleme Wade

Beyond A Joke

Cast: Raph Shirley, Nick Mohammed, Ed Coleman, Jonny Sweet, Sarah Solemani
Directors: Sam Baldock, Ed Riches
Written by: The Directors and Cast, Joe Thomas, Matt Harvey, Simon Bird



President: Stefan Golaszewski
Vice-President: Tom Basden
Secretary: Lloyd Thomas
Membership Secretary: Tom Tilley
Junior Treasurer: Fiona Paterson
Sponsorship: Tom Cantrell
Publicity: Pippa Van Welie
Social Secretary: Dan Stevens
Social Secretary (from March 2003) : Sarah Solemani
Publicity: Kat Sommers
Sponsorship: Notzarina Reevers
Alumni Coordinator: Ruth Pickett
Junior Archivist (from March 2003): Raph Shirley
Members Without Portfolio: Ed Riches, Cleme Wade

Non-Sexual Kissing

Cast: Stefan Golaszewski, Tom Basden, Lloyd Thomas, Emily Howes, Jot Davies
Directors: Tim Key, Mark Watson



President: Ed Weeks
Vice-President: Tom Bell
Senior Treasurer: Daniel Morgenstern
Senior Archivist: Dr Harry Porter
Secretary: James Lark
Membership Secretary: Day Macaskill
Junior Treasurer: James Windeler
Publicity: Donna Murray
Social Secretary (to October 2001): Elen Parry
Social Secretary (from October 2001): Anthony Windram
Junior Archivist: Tom Basden
Smokers: Stefan Golaszewski
Members Without Portfolio: Lloyd Thomas, Tom Cantrell, Dan Stevens, Fiona Paterson, Pippa Van-Welie, Tom Tilley

Today Of All Days

Cast: Tom Bell, Guy Morgan, Ruth Pickett, Dan Stevens, Ed Weeks
Director: Paul King
Written by: The Cast and Director
Additional Material: Tom Basden, Philip Stott



President: James Morris

Vice-President: Alex Horne

Senior Treasurer: Daniel Morgenstern

Senior Archivist: Dr Harry Porter

Secretary: Tom Phillips

Membership Secretary: Duncan Law

Producer: Alison Carpenter

Junior Archivist: Tom Bell

Publicity: Ed Weeks

Members Without Portfolio: James Lark, Robin French, Tom Basden, Day Macaskill, Stefan Golaszewski

Far Too Happy

Cast: Ed Jaspers, Tim Key, Day Macaskill, James Morris, Mark Watson, Sophie Winkleman

Directors: Phil Breen, Owen Powell

Written by: The Cast and Directors

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